2019: My Year In Review

Happy new year, everyone!

It’s been about a month since I last posted anything. But today we’ve got a snowstorm, so it seems like the perfect time to dive in and update here. I’m rather overdue to do my 2019-year-in-review, so let’s chat about that.

Injury and knee rehab aside, it was an interesting year for me. I had a couple of firsts: my first marathon (Vancouver, in May) and the highest mileage year ever (834km).

Strava once again provided us all with a “year in sport” report with a lot of interesting data in it.

General summary of Candice's year in sport

This general summary is interesting to me, but not really surprising. I was active about half the days of the year, which is pretty typical for me. Since I now have a Garmin that can track more than just runs, I’ve been tracking more of my activities than I used to – hikes, walks, cycling, and even ‘cardio’. My weight training app, which I started using in the summer, also syncs to Strava. So 2019’s data is a bit more well-rounded than in previous years, but my actual activity levels haven’t changed too much. The activities themselves have changed a little (weight lifting instead of acrobatics and handstands), but the time spent is similar. Strava just knows more about me now (for better or for worse!).

Looking at some of the other data points… Sunday having been my most active day is also no surprise at all. For most of my marathon training, Sunday was long run day. After I was injured, Sunday was often a gym day. It’s usually pretty quiet at my gym on Sunday afternoon, so I take advantage of that. Planning to head there tomorrow, actually!

Number of km by sport

Interestingly, Strava puts virtual runs in a different category from regular runs (treadmill or GPS). So if we combine virtual and regular runs, we get 834km running, 169km cycling, 89km walking, and 6km hiking. Not bad at all! For 2020, I’m hoping to clock 1000km running, but we’ll see how the first few months of the year go before I think too much about that goal.

Highest vs lowest effort month graphic

March I was still doing pretty well knee-wise and getting my miles in – some of my biggest mileage weeks ever were in March 2019! August I had no races or anything planned and wanted to give my body some healing time.

Longest vs shortest activity

Now this graphic… this is awesome and also kind of hilarious. Of course I chose a pretty hilly marathon for my first, right? I wouldn’t trade it for anything, mind you. But it wasn’t a flat course by any means.

The only data I don’t have from Strava is my total step count for the year. Last year I walked approximately 3.2 million steps – considerably less than the previous two years, but again, this is injury-related. I’m hoping the days of reduced walking and running are getting behind me now!

So there’s my 2019 all summed up in data! Any other data nerds out there? What did your 2019 look like?