42at40 week fourteen: Things are looking up

Blooming flowers on a tree in my neighbourhood
Spring is here… finally!

So let’s see, where to begin this update?

Well, week thirteen, as I said in my previous update, was supposed to be peak week. But the issues with my knee were so severe that I had to toss out my plans.

However, things are on the upswing again, and week fourteen went much better than expected. I did manage to put in that 32km long run on Tuesday, which gave me a confidence boost.

It was actually kind of fun to do that run, winding through many of Toronto’s neighbourhoods including Dundas West, St Lawrence Market, the Financial District, Riverdale, Leslieville, The Beaches, Greektown, Yorkville, The Annex, and Koreatown. Normally, I prefer to stick to areas that aren’t so busy so I don’t have to worry about dodging people, but given my knee troubles, I wanted to play it safe and stick to areas that are along streetcar or subway lines so if I had to bail early, I could simply hobble a short distance and get on public transit.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do that. The run wasn’t entirely pain-free, but it went fairly well. I did have to slow down a number of times due to my knee issues, and I also had to walk a bit due to thick crowds in some neighbourhoods. But overall, I got the 32km done, and that’s the most important part to me.

Two days later, I went out and did a 5km run, which was fairly good. My legs were heavy but the run was mostly pain-free. I then went to physio that same afternoon, where we did a lot of work on my left leg and knee, and I got it taped with kinesiotape. My physio says the research is pretty mixed as to whether this type of taping actually does anything, and it may very well just be a placebo. But if it helps, it’s worth trying, right?

Turns out it may actually help! I did a 10km tempo run on Sunday that was entirely pain-free except for a short bit at the 8km mark that went away quickly. Was it the taping? The acupuncture? The manual therapy? The stretching and strengthening I’ve been doing? Hard to know. But even if it helps just a little, I’m willing to tape my leg up again for race day.

my leg with bright blue k-tape on it
This is what my knee looked like, all taped up.

Now we’re officially in taper and I’m starting to understand what the taper crazies are all about. I went for a walk today in the sunshine, and as I passed multiple runners, I felt instantly jealous that they were out running and I had to take a rest day and started getting grumpy. I also started panicking about the Vancouver race course and feeling like there’s no way I’ll be able to do the few hills within it. Oh boy.

In any case… Race day is in just under two weeks! Here’s hoping my knee continues to get better between now and then!