It’s February already? 🤯

Honestly, it seems like yesterday was new year’s day and here we are, almost to Valentine’s Day!

I know, I often say how fast time seems to be flying, but for some reason, it seems even faster this year. It doesn’t feel like I should be starting my 12-week half marathon training program in just three weeks, but yes indeed, that’s exactly where we’re at!

For those wondering how the ol’ knee is holding up: very well, thank you! I still get aches and my knee isn’t like it used to be. But there is a huge amount of improvement. My physio has given me new exercises to add to my program to really strengthen that left side, and I’ve also working on SI/hip mobility since much of my gait issues are coming from that.

I may do a post in the future about some of the exercises I’ve been doing and why. My strength and rehab plan is a mix of things from my physio, osteopath, a running blogger I trust (shout out to Amanda at Run To the Finish) and my own anatomy knowledge from my years as an RMT. It might help someone out there who can’t afford to go to physio/massage therapists/chiropractors/sports med. If that would be of interest, feel free to dm me on Instagram or Twitter and let me know!

Sweaty post-run selfie

Training Update

Right now I’m in the building phase in preparation for taking on my half-marathon training plan. Over the last month, I’ve done two runs per week, slowly building up miles by adding only half a kilometre to each run week-over-week. I started with a 3k and 5k week, and last week I did 4.5k and 6.5k.

This week I am adding in an extra run but not increasing the overall mileage at all. So we’re doing 3/3/5k. Then next week I’ll increase the long run only and keep up that pattern until the first of March, when it’s time to start my new training plan.

I’ve also made sure to do at minimum one cross-training cardio day per week (walking or biking), and at least two days of focused strength training. This doesn’t include the rehab exercises, which are done on most days that I don’t do strength at the gym.

For some, this might seem like a ridiculously slow way to increase mileage. And I get it – you have goals to reach, and most plans would have you increasing distance faster than that! However, for someone like me coming back from an injury and with permanent damage in the joint, this is playing it smart. Doing this has allowed me to keep my knee mostly pain free.

And because I like to keep it super real with y’all: I struggle with mental health including anxiety and depression. Getting out to run during the cold winter months, especially when we have so little daylight, is hard for me. So having just tiny increases in mileage each week really helps with mindset. It’s so incremental it feels extremely doable. And very do-able on a treadmill, which is important for me.

Anyhoo! That’s how my training has gone so far this year. I’m very grateful to have my knee feeling much better and am looking forward to logging some longer runs in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!