Knee update #2

So things are finally in motion to hopefully get a definitive diagnosis on my knee issues.

Coffee after a run is always the best!

One problem I had was my family doctor moved to British Columbia (a cute town called Revelstoke if you’re curious to look it up!) and I had to find a new one. Her replacement doctor sounds great, but I have never met him so was a bit hesitant. Luckily, he seems receptive to helping me. I forwarded his office the letter my physio gave me (with lots of clinical details) and he already sent me for an x-ray without even coming in to see him first.

I got the x-ray done yesterday and have my appointment with the doctor scheduled for next Friday (the 23rd).

In the meantime… for no reason that I can understand, my knee is in another little flareup. Not nearly as bad as some past ones, but it’s irritated. Given that Scotiabank Waterfront races are now two months away and this pattern doesn’t seem to be improving much, I’ve decided to switch to the 5k distance, rather than trying to do the half.

I considered deferring to next year’s race, but unfortunately, Canada Running Series only gives you a 50% off discount code if you defer and not a full registration. That means I’d still be losing half my registration fee if I deferred, plus of course, I’d probably have to pay an administration fee. Fair enough! But that’s pretty well the same ‘sunk cost’ as switching to the 5k, so I did that instead. Besides, I’m not sure what I’ll be up to next year in terms of races so I may not even want to participate in Scotia. I have my eye on some other races instead.

I guess we’ll see what my doctor says in terms of my knee issues. The x-ray was just step one, and we’ll see where we go from there. I’m hoping it’s something that can be healed with time and therapy.