Race Recap: Toronto Waterfront 5k

Since this wasn’t a big goal race for me, I won’t do a lengthy recap. But hey, it wraps up my 2019 season, so it certainly should get a mention!

Beautiful sunrise near the start line

First, I gotta say: what a gorgeous day for a run! Light breeze and about 7C when I started.

As some of you might know, today was originally planned to be marathon number two, but my knee issues put an end to those plans. I’ve long since made peace with that, and I was happy to switch my distance to 5k and run just for fun. No time goal, no expectations, just run and get a medal when I’m done.

The 5k distance at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon starts down on Lakeshore, along the same route where the half and full marathons hit 16km. In fact, you’re actually just running the final 5km of the half marathon route, and end up at the same finish line as everyone else.

Since I’ve done the half marathon twice, I know the course quite well. That meant I pretty much knew exactly how far I had left to go at all times without looking down at my watch. Actually, while I did track the race with my Garmin, I put it on Elapsed Time only mode so I wouldn’t be thinking about pace so much.

Overall, the run was fine! Lots of crowd support as you usually expect with this race, given it is one of Canada’s top marathon weekends. I enjoyed giving out lots of high fives to people cheering, as well as flashing peace signs and thumbs up to people and photographers alike.

Me with my medal!

After I crossed through the finish line, I had just enough time to get my medal, get a quick cup of Nuun and then run over towards the start of the full and half marathons a block away. I got to the start just after the first corral went out. Sadly, I couldn’t spot any of my friends who were running, but I just generally cheered for everyone who was racing and wished them luck.

After the race, Rich and I went over to Donut Monster at Bathurst and Front to get donuts and sit and watch (and cheer) the runners as they went by.

Delicious donuts from Donut Monster

Not much else to say about this! It was fun, a nice way to wrap up the year. While I’d love to run one of the holiday/December races, I think I am better off not putting pressure on myself given my knee is still in a critical healing phase.