Virtual Race Recap: Ottawa 10k

It’s the September long weekend here! That means it’s also the final weekend to run the virtual race for Ottawa Race Weekend. Seems like a good time to write my recap on how my own race went.

Ottawa Race Weekend Swag
Race Swag!

I decided to do the run a few weeks ago, over the weekend of August 22/23. With work commitments and a planned vacation, it was my best shot at getting it done without feeling super stressed and needing to rush home right after.

In order to give me the most ‘race-like’ experience, I went down to the weekend Lakeshore road closure. This is where about 6k of Lakeshore is closed to traffic in order to allow more cyclists and runners to get out and use the space safely with proper physical distancing. Rich kindly came along and read a book at my start/finish line while I ran.

Lakeshore Closure
Road closed to all but cyclists and foot traffic

Unfortunately, after a bout of cooler weather earlier in the week, my race day ended up being pretty hot and humid! But let’s be real here: this wasn’t a PR kind of situation for me. I was just looking to finish the 10k, with no concerns about time.

The run itself was mostly fine. I had to walk more than I had originally planned due to the heat. There was almost no breeze, and the sun was beating off the pavement the whole time. But hey, at least I didn’t have to stop for cars every few minutes, right?

Sweaty and hot at the half way point

Once I made it back to the start and hit that all-important 10k mark, Rich was there to greet me and give me my medal. I then spent the next 5 minutes just cooling off (phew). I sipped some Nuun from my hydration pack before we made our way back to our parked car.

10k Ottawa Race Weekend
Almost like a real race! Almost.

And there ends another virtual race! I have a few more planned for this year, which I’ll write about once I complete them. I know virtuals are not everyone’s cup of tea, and I understand. For me, they’re a way to support races in the hopes that they’ll be able to survive whenever ‘real’ races can return safely.

Next up I have my Maritime Race Weekend 15k, some distance at the Niagara Falls International (probably 5k – registration opens tomorrow for their virtual!) and then I’m participating as a member of Team Snowbirds in Oiselle’s Womxn Run The Vote.

I’d like to end this post with a big THANK YOU to the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend team for allowing me to be a part of Team Awesome for 2020. It wasn’t exactly what we’d all planned, but I certainly appreciated the virtual experience and following along with other people’s races on social media. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do the race in person some year!

Also, a big shout out to my fellow Team Awesome teammates! Thank you for sharing your own journey and for cheering me on with mine.